Louis N. Milstein, J.D., PHD.

Lou Milstein began practicing law in 1979 after graduating from the University of La Verne earning his law degree as well as a Doctorate in Psychology (Post-Doctoral Certification; UCLA School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry). As an attorney and a psychologist, he is also licensed to practice in the federal tax courts. Lou has extensive experience within the areas Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Criminal Law and other areas of General Law practice. His practice maintains a staff of experienced individuals who can help guide you in the right direction to best take care of your needs.

Areas of Practice


A complete review of your personal financial situation is mandatory to determine if
Pre-petition planning is necessary BEFORE you file for bankruptcy to optimize your financial situation and
To determine what type of bankruptcy (i.e. Chapter 7 or chapter 13) is right for you.

We have the flexibility to file IMMEDIATELY if your situation calls for it and/or work out a payment plan that fits your needs.

Personal Injury                

Personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis (i.e. the client pays nothing initially. The attorney gets paid based upon a percentage of the settlement/award.) If there is no recovery, there is no fee). 

Some attorneys ask clients for investigative fees/costs upfront. That will NEVER happen when dealing with attorney Milstein.

Criminal Law                

There are both psychological as well as legal issues that are involved during this emotionally challenging time in your life. Making sure you are represented with both your legal rights as well as your emotional needs is of utmost importance. 

In the initial interview we will not only gather the information we need as to your case, but try get an understanding of your personal needs during this trying time in your life.

Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation cases are based upon a state-regulated, contingency-fee basis (i.e., the attorney receives a percentage fee of the settlement/award. If there is NO recovery, there is No fee.) 

There are four issues in Worker's Compensation cases: 1) Permanent Disability, 2) Temporary Disability, 3) Vocational Rehabilitation, and 4) Medical Bills (including future medical bills).

Success Stories

Lupe T. was driving on a rural winding back road in Oceanside, California when she inadvertently crossed the center divider and hit an oncoming car head-on. The driver of the other car sustained injuries and recovered policy limits of $15K from her insurance policy. Lupe sustained minor injuries, however her infant son was tragically killed while in a car seat as a result of the accident.

She sought legal representation regarding the loss of her infant son's life. After being rejected by several attorneys, I decided to examine her case. I discovered that the curvature of the road and other factors may have been a cause of the accident which would make the city of Oceanside and the county liable. With the assistance of a large law firm in Long Beach, we were able to reach a settlement of $450K for the family. (1998)

Marlene M was involved in a "fender bender" on a residential street. She was rear-ended by an automobile going less than 15 MPH. She immediately complained of back pain and sought and received $3000 chiropractic treatment. Although still complaining of back pain, she wished to settle her claim. When the insurance company offered only the medicals, she sought legal representation.

She was then examined by an orthopedic physician and it was found she had a herniated disc. After the insurance company did there own independent medical examination (IME, ) this was confirmed. Since she had no history of this condition, the insurance company quickly settled her claim for $135K. (2003)

Larry P. lost his leg as it had to be amputated after a safe he was moving fell on him. It was shown that he was on the property illegally at the time of the removal of the safe AND he did NOT follow proper safety procedures when he secured the safe to the dolly. The attorney he had initially retained bailed out of the case one (1) month before the statute of limitations was to run. He then contacted my office. Through the assistance of a high powered law firm in San Diego, the insurance company settled the case for $57.5K. (2010)

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