Louis N. Milstein, J.D., PHD.

Attorney Milstein also has a Ph D in psychology and completed his postdoctoral work at the UCLA School of Medicine through the department of psychiatry as both an out patient psychotherapist at West Valley Mental Health in Woodland Hills and  as an intern in neuropsychology as a the psychology consult for the neurology department at the NPI in Westwood (1974-1976).

His family's philanthropic fund makes annual donations to Palomar Colleges (where he has taught psychology since 1984) and the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine for outstanding students who show great promise in their ability to contribute to society in their chosen field.

"It is that experience with people that allows me to look beyond the legal facts of a case and understand the personal need a prospective client has in a particular case and refer him to the best attorney most suited for his case, taking into account not only the client, but the circumstance of his legal problem."   -Louis N. Milstein, J.D., Ph d.

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